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Thread: Dancing in Indiana in 2021

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    Default Dancing in Indiana in 2021

    Hi there! I'm a 23 year old, fit, dark-skinned Black dancer currently located in Alabama. I will be moving to Bloomington, Indiana before the fall, and I wanted to know more about dancing there. I know there is one club in Bloomington called Night Moves; does anyone know anything about that place? Do they hire Black girls?

    Also, what are some good clubs in and around Indiana in general? I'm particularly looking for clubs that hire black women, but I do currently work at a very white club now. I could easily drive to Indianapolis, and I'd even be willing to go out to Chicago a couple weekends a month, but I need to audition and have a job somewhere reasonably close before I'll be able to move.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Dancing in Indiana in 2021

    Hey ! I’ve lived in Bloomington and from Indianapolis it’s your best bet to go to a new club they have that’s 30 mins away it’s a black club or try clubs in Indy. Bloomington is not big strip club city but still try it out !

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    Default Re: Dancing in Indiana in 2021

    Night Moves is an air dance place. When I was in college at IU, Night Moves was not worth the effort, but, I was trying to work my way through school dancing no more than a couple of nights a week. Indy clubs are strong. A new black club is opening soon in the old Classy Chassis location. No word yet if its any good as it hasn't opened. They are looking for dancers. Last time BF and I were in Inday (February 2021) we visited Brad's Brass Flamingo. Several black girls were dancing and appeared to be making good money.


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    Default Re: Dancing in Indiana in 2021

    I worked at Night Moves in 2020 before covid. Dances are not air dances, they are normal contact lap dances. I made good money here, but it’s a dive. They want you to work 3 days a week. Brads Brass Flamingo and Dancers in Indy are both black girl friendly and the nicest in Indy. Club Rio is black girl friendly and kind of a mix of titty bar and gentleman’s club. It’s very laid back and girls do extras here. If you’re ok with being an employee and on a 4 day a week schedule, go to Brads imo. It has the most $ potential. But Nightmoves really isn’t awful $$. A lot of business people travel to Bloomington.

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