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Thread: College and Graduate School

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    Default College and Graduate School

    Are any of you planning to go back to college or graduate school? I love to see women turn this industry into an opportunity to advance themselves, and I don't see much discussion about school here. I spent entirely too much time trying to figure out the admissions processes on my own, so I'm here if you need any help!

    Feel free to ask me any questions or share any stories you have about college and graduate school.

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    Default Re: College and Graduate School

    I think a lot of us danced during our undergrads / grad degrees!

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    Default Re: College and Graduate School

    ^It is definitely advantageous to not be saddled with so much un-erasable debt right from the get go. Especially when you can accumulate before you start (or as you go along if you are already doing it), that and having the ability to choose the most lucrative career can be a huge boost, I am starting to think that at least in US it is wiser to leave the college decision for later, obviously parents are an issue.

    I will say my college job was the easiest thing in existence I could have literally done 18 hours shifts 7 days a week, which at current minimum wage would have been only 47K a year... I don't think that is enough, even before taxes, and obviously skipping all the classes lol.

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