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Thread: Re-audition advice?

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    Default Re-audition advice?

    I'm confused whether or not I should re-audition at Rick's.

    So I've worked at two different clubs in Chicago (VIP's [later bought out by Rick's] and Pink Monkey) and was hired on the spot, no audition. I haven't worked at VIP's since it was bought out by Rick's, and I went in to audition on Saturday. I called at 5pm and asked what time auditions were and they told me to come in after 9pm when the manager was there. I arrived at 9:15 ready to audition, and I was sent up to the house mom to wait for the manager to be ready. The audition was definitely different from what I was expecting. First off, 3 managers met me upstairs in the hall outside the dressing room, and all 3 were young and attractive (and 1 was a woman) - very different from my experiences at my 3 other clubs where 1 older guy made the decision. Next, the audition consisted of walking a straight line from the back of the hall with the top of my dress pulled down, then doing "a little twirl." Simple enough. Afterwards, I stepped back into the dressing room, and the house mom came back and said, "They said no sorry, maybe another time." A girl in the dressing room pulled me aside and told me I should come back and audition on a weekday because Saturday is too hectic a day to get me started. I totally see how that's a valid reason to turn someone away - but between the phone call affirming Saturday audition times and sending *3* managers up on a Saturday night, it seemed like they're willing to hire on a Saturday for the right girl. Maybe they were disappointed by my body (5'4", 135, curvy, natural boobs), in which case, I probably shouldn't try again unless my body is drastically different. (I only saw about 7 girls while I was there, and they were around my age (25-30), but 2 had fake boobs, 3 had athletic body types/smaller booties).

    So I'm confused what I should interpret from my rejection: come back another time during the week (and is it rude to bypass these managers to try to get hired on a different day)? Come back if I lose 10 lbs? Obviously I'm feeling bad about my body after that lol, but it was a Saturday, and I was given very limited information when they rejected me. Plus, Pink Monkey sucks/I'm not interested Admiral, so I'd love to work at Rick's.

    Thanks <3

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    Default Re: Re-audition advice?

    I would wait a month or two and then re-audition on a slow weekday. Also work at a different club in the meantime to hone your look.

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    Default Re: Re-audition advice?

    IME if you bypass the manager that rejected you so quickly that they remember, they will make your life difficult after the fact. I've seen them refuse to let girls on their shifts, be strict about sending them home at X time, just generally being rude, etc. I would wait a while to re-audition.

    I also hate to say it but it sounds like you are not the body type they're looking for so you may just want to try a different club.
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    Default Re: Re-audition advice?

    Wait a month and go back on a Monday or Tuesday, earlier.

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    Default Re: Re-audition advice?

    Same thing happened to me. I was rejected by my club when I came back. It was super slow. I went to Ricks on a Saturday and it was super slow too. I was rejected as well. It seems a lot of Chicago clubs aren't rehiring because it seems super slow in general, not a lot of gals or customers. I would wait a month and try again. That's what I am going to do!

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