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Thread: Virgin in 24, girls opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by miss.a.p1600 View Post
    this how men be doing?!?!

    must be nice.

    I wish I could tell my aunts, sisters, grandmothers I’m on a quest for a guy who is the best pussy eater in town and will they help me find him n donate to the cause. I’d probably get cussed out but whatever.
    You would not get cussed out. You would probably get a book deal.

    Case in point:
    - Thanks for Coming: One Young Woman's Quest for an Orgasm by Mara Altman
    - My Broken Vagina: One Woman's Quest to Fix Her Sex Life, and Yours by Fran Bushe

    Your book could be titled: Kiss my lips: A woman's quest to find the best cunnilingus masters in the world.
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    Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.
    - Oscar Wilde

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