I am looking for people to collaborate with to make content. I propose a trade. Which is to say that we film and I sell what I sell and keep it, you sell what you sell and keep it. Neither has to pay the other. I want to do a minimum of three videos. One for the both of us to sell concurrently, one for me to sell, and one for you to sell. And the title sequence of the video lists all of our links. That way, it steers traffic to both of our sites. People that come to my site first, will eventually go to yours to see more videos of you..and vice versa. Hopefully the more people I work with, the bigger the network it creates, the more we BOTH make money.

OK..Now that I got THAT out of the way..what am I filming? I am looking for POV style videos. I record them in 360 degree Virtual Reality video format. When you use a VR visor, instead of just looking at video on the screen, it feels more like you are IN the video. You can look in every direction and see in every direction. MOST Vr videos are filmed using two side by side 180 degree lenses. Not mine. I use a camera with the lenses opposing each other. The advantage of that is that there is no problems with 3D positioning being off. In standard 180 degree 3D videos, when the model/subject gets too close to the screen, it can be visually uncomfortable for the viewer. This is much less of a problem when I am shooting 360 degrees monoscopic. And sometimes there are OTHER parallax problems with side by side lenses. My videos don't have these issues, and they are better looking.

Anyway, thats it..thats my pitch. Please feel free to reply or contact me in mail to let me know if you have questions or are interested.