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Thread: Experience in Arizona

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    Default Experience in Arizona

    Is it me or has been slowwww and dry in Arizona. Itís now fall
    and itís cooling down finally. Iíve worked at Christieís Tempe and the updated Platinum Plus, and it seems to be extremely hit and miss, but more miss. Does anyone have any other club recommendations for the area? I went to go check out Hi Liter and it seems very promising, but I donít think
    Iíd be comfortable working there. It seems ridden with extras, the guys expect a lot for a few dollars. I saw one chick put her hand down a guys pants and jerk him off in the middle of the floor. Anyone have any suggestions ? Maybe cheetahs? Should I try a new state?

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    Default Re: Experience in Arizona

    LOL yeah that sounds like Hi-Liter. I wouldn't work there because the cops are well aware of that activity and raid it pretty frequently. Unfortunately it's probably the busiest club, so you'd probably do ok for a while until all the regulars figure out you don't do extras.

    Cheetahs is pretty lame honestly. I worked days there for about a month and would make $200+ in 4 hours (so, not even 'good' by stripper standards) but that was literally just because I was coasting on being one of the more attractive girls there. There's definitely extras available from the less-attractive girls. It wasn't super busy and when it was, it was cheap gangbanger assholes. The management is skeezy (except for Jason, DJ/manager). If you're a hot white girl, you might as well give it a shot though.

    You could try Sugar 44. It's a teeny little club but (at least before Covid, I haven't been back) they do decent business and the staff are all nice. FYI the managers are the female bartenders, so don't give them any attitude when you audition.

    Candy Store in north Phoenix does good business but it's a pretty blue collar/redneck kind of crowd.
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