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Thread: How to hustle in new club thatís different from my old ones ?

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    Default How to hustle in new club thatís different from my old ones ?

    So Iím used to working in high end clubs with completely private champagne rooms that sometimes allow extras if itís a big customer. I moved to a new club which is medium to low volume on some days and has lap dances that can be high contact (kissing customers or letting them touch and grab) if you are comfortable. Iím used to clubs where security usually stops customers from touching too much during dances and no kissing or licking nipples. Thereís been many times where customers have just randomly stuck their tongue down my throat and they said were allowed to charge more for kissing so I do that but sometimes they only give $20 per dance even after I ask for more
    Any tips on being more assertive in that case ?

    Another thing is the champagne rooms are semi private with tinted windows to the lap dance area and the security occasionally walking by. Again Iím used to maybe doing extras with long rooms or at the very least have an easier time implying that itís more intimate in the vip. Any ideas on how to make rooms more entertaining and rollovers in this case ? I know extra girls get a lot of hate and can ruin clubs but that was the culture of the first couple clubs I worked at before so please no judgment on that end. Thank you ❤️

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    Default Re: How to hustle in new club thatís different from my old ones ?

    Stop giving the goods away and ask for more money. It might be counterintuitive if you’re used to extras. Do less, receive MORE.

    Say some dumb shit like “ohhh there’s not enough time for that babe. We need more time (hours),” and just BS until you need to hustle for another hour or whatever again. Keep the dude on his toes and don’t give him anything. Then demand your fat tip after everything’s done.

    Stop settling for $20 a dance when the dude will pay for the same dance for no contact at all.

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    Default Re: How to hustle in new club thatís different from my old ones ?

    It's easier said than done. These days, most guys want contact for their buck. It's rare to find a paying customer whose not going to latch onto your boobs(especially if you're well-endowed) or put his grimey little hands on your hips.

    In my experience, I can probably count on my two hands that has happened to me.

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