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Thread: Payment for private party

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    Default Payment for private party

    Good morning, full disclosure, I know very little about this industry (please be gentle) so am looking for advice in hiring for a private party.

    I am partner in a restaurant in SWFL and we are planning on having an event in which we would like to hire a few ladies. The dress would range from scantily clad to maybe topless (I'm not sure about topless yet). The event will have approximately 50 people there that will be happy to tip well. No one would have to dance, really just mingle, be sociable maybe have a drink if they want. That said, I want to offer an hourly wage on top of their tips as I want to make sure anyone hired does well. My question is what would be a reasonable hourly wage for something like this?

    The hours would be 7-10ish.

    If I left something out, just ask and I will try to fill in the blanks.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Payment for private party

    go to your local club and work details with them

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