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Thread: New to chaturbate! How to set up wishlist, that's not amazon?

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    Crossfingers New to chaturbate! How to set up wishlist, that's not amazon?

    I want to set up a wishlist, because I have viewers who are spending a pretty penny on tokens, and would rather send me cash/gifts. I don't want to use amazon.
    What site do you use to link in your bio for egift cards, or gifts? I also want my address completely anonymous from the gifter.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: New to chaturbate! How to set up wishlist, that's not amazon?

    Have you read the TOS of CB? If you want to alienate all the affiliates, of which there are thousands who send traffic to that site. Then this will be the quickest way to piss them off & cut them out of the $$$ equation.
    Why not just hustle on social media sites instead?

    Anytime you try to take customers off of a cam site you are opening yourself up for rip off grifters, because you that is the energy you are putting out there.
    These sites protect you from bad guys getting your personal information and you want to drop that protection? Why?

    I've known other performers who went this route & got banned from the cam site. Blackmailed or worse by bad men, but you seem to think it is worth the risk. So be it.
    Video blogs on Camming industry & how to succeed at camming.

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