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Thread: Is it just the money?

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    Default Re: Is it just the money?

    Oh yes, I get the gist of what you are saying and agree with you. Of course, our perspectives are quite different, and that's okay, as long it works to both our benefit. Look, I don't know "jack" about what it takes to be a good dancer, and I don't need to know, right? But it would be helpful if you knew what your customers thought about your services, for the reasons I explained.

    I would imagine having too keen of an interest in a dancer, even giving too much attention, can be a bit of a turn-off. But staring is on another level entirely. It sends the vibe that you're creepy. And you would do well to proceed carefully. Not trying to tell you how to do your job, but just as a word of caution.

    I express my interest in the form of frequent glances when the dancer walks by and is not looking. The only way you would catch me is if you are looking in my direction as I'm doing it. I'll be checking out all the girls. The difference is if you try to make eye contact with me, I will look away if I'm not interested. I may still be turned on by you. It just means you are not in my top 3 choices for that night. This is not anything I am trying to do. It's natural when I see beautiful woman I'm interested in.

    And did you say a truck and heavy equipment mechanic/strip dancer? How interesting. Wow I thought I seen it all.

    I feel like thereís something similar here, where youíre jumping to a conclusion and possibly misdiagnosing the issue, not realizing thereís an issue with flow going on here. Problem is, itís impossible to diagnose from a distance. And maybe it really isnít on your end at all. Iíd just be open to examining those possibilities.[/QUOTE]

    Will do. Thank you.

    It probably is a flow issue and I have no doubt I'm misdiagnosing here. There's no manual that explains a women mind.

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    Default Re: Is it just the money?

    Quote Originally Posted by AChildOfBoredom View Post
    I disagree. I think most will make it apparent even if they donít actually intend to, but often they end up playing stupid little games. I donít know if they ambiguity gives them sole sort of ďaura of mysteryĒ that weíll somehow find intriguing or whatever, but me, personallyÖ if a customer acts wishy washy, Iím just gonna move right along. If I end up not making money with them, I know Iíll make it without them.
    Yuck, reminds me of having a customer tell me he works in marketing and he will only buy a dance if I sell him on it well. HOW STUPID.

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