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Thread: auditioning in Miami for the first time. (Super nervous)

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    Exclamation auditioning in Miami for the first time. (Super nervous)

    Iím going to audition at Booby trap on the River in Miami. They never answer their phones so Iím not sure what to expect. Could anyone give me a run down of how the club works? I have a BBL (itís not insanely huge though, more natural looking but still kind of big) and I have long blonde hair. On the thinner side.
    no tattoos. I can twerk.
    i hope I can get hired & also, whatís the money like there? Is FSSW something that is a must to make money in the club or can I still make good money not doing it? Just let me know everything you can! Thanks!

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    Default Re: auditioning in Miami for the first time. (Super nervous)

    Their website says auditions are Weds-Thurs from 9pm-12am. I've been wanting to go back to this location and I've been really frustrated with the lack of picking up the phone, too. Seems the only Booby Trap that can be bothered to answer their phone is the Doral location. Anyway, there's a lot of money to be made at this club and it's very much of a party, make-it-rain vibe. If you can dance well and put on a show, you should make good stage money. Full service is never something you have to do to make good money, and you shouldn't -- for many reasons beyond legalities (for example, Miami has the highest HIV infection rate in the country). You will do just fine with stage and lap dances. But make no mistake, Miami clubs are basically brothels so be aware that it is happening. BTs are usually pretty Latin (well, all of Miami is but BTs especially) so you will have an advantage if you can speak Spanish. If not, just twerk and say "propina" lol
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    Default Re: auditioning in Miami for the first time. (Super nervous)

    I am thinking about going there next week myself. I checked the IG location tag and saw the dressing room selfie and the girls in the background looked ROUGH so you will probably get hired. White is right in every club so you'll def get hired! PM me if you do so I can say hi when I do lol

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