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Thread: Audio Creators' Corner

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    Default Audio Creators' Corner

    Hi Everyone!

    I thought it would be helpful to have a spot for audio-only or audio-mainly people to talk about their questions/concerns. (Cross-posted from PSO Support) Workflow, trends, equipment, promo, inspiration.

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    Default Re: Audio Creators' Corner

    Brilliant idea!

    Workflow : I record every day at least 1 audio, upload them on all my sites (NF - C4S - Iwantclips - Manyvids - TTM). On the sites where i can choose the release date i set them to every other day. on the other sites I upload them every other day.
    So when I'm gone for a few days, holidays or whatever, i don't have to worry about uploading on the big sites.
    I set the price different for some sites, it dpends on their payout. Especially on TTM where i go under different names and I upload them with different titles.

    Trends: I check the most sold ones on the sites and the top creators to see whats in and get some good ideas from callers when they want crazy roleplays

    Equipment: 2 laptops, 1 Desktop , 1 RØDE NT-USB with arm mount and all the other equipment and I use Audacity for editing and recording.

    Promo : My own websites, Twitter and different adsites where I sometimes pay to stay at the top for a month or so. Sometimes offers for returning costumers or special sales.

    Inspiration: The different fetishes guys wants on calls and checking what audios sold them most.

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    Default Re: Audio Creators' Corner

    What a great thread! I'm moving towards this direction to become full time on the audio only with my partner as a 2nd voice/brain for the recordings and the creative side of things. We've already invested in our equipment in this journey and are just now beginning to enact our plan to become audio only creators from currently getting all income from live stream camming.

    I came across this database Sophie Ladder has created regarding terms (of service or the vocabulary used in your audios or descriptions) for many different websites. Shout out to all the hard work that went into this spreadsheet

    If you get an idea on the fly, checking this database will take out the work in knowing where you can upload it if it's hugging these ever-changing boundaries sites hold us to as they try to appease their cc merchants to continue being viable stores to sell our clips, whether audio or video

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