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Thread: Health Insurance Info Website for the USA Babes

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    Default Health Insurance Info Website for the USA Babes

    Hey everyone! I run a website that talks about health insurance directly in relation to the adult industry. I know how fucking insane insurance can be to understand, so I wanted to make a website that not only broke it down for you but also helped you when it comes time to purchase a policy. I don't make any money on this and there is no catch - just a nerdy stripper/camgirl who wants to help others with this super important topic. There was nothing like this when I was dancing, and instead of all the angry manager notes in the back in all caps to not put our heels on the couch, I would have much rather seen signs for health resources like this. Hopefully one day I can replace all those shitty notes with resources and mutual aid information. Until then the website is all I can do to help!

    Check out the site:
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