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    Recently some members have requested a newbie section. For those who have been around for a while, you know this has always been planned in StripperU, but I haven’t had the time to get it all together.

    As a full time student trying to start a business AND running this site on the side, my time is VERY limited. A few members have offered to write articles for the site. I want to extend the opportunity to all of our members.

    If there is a topic you have always wanted to write about, something you want to warn others about, or something you've been through and know that your experience can help others, please do share. We will give you full credit and link to your website if you like.

    Below are some topics to help get you thinking. If you have anything to share on these topics or other, feel free to email me, doesn't matter if it's just a sentence or a whole article, I'd like to hear it.

    In no particular order:

    Safety - at work, outside of work, and to and from work

    Alternate work - phone sex, online stripping, bachelor parties, etc.

    What to expect - some girls come in very naive and they get shocked or surprised by certain things...lets warn them.

    Money - how to store/protect it at the club, saving $, investing $, taxes, etc.

    Toolkit - Items every dancer needs to have for work

    Auditions - how to get an audition, how to prepare, what to wear, how to perform.

    Clubs - How to find the right one to work at, different types, etc.

    Clothes - what to wear.

    Dancing - dancing tips, lap dance tips, poll tricks, etc.

    Name - How to choose a good stage name

    Customers - types of customers and how to handle them.

    Implants - sizes, cost and funding, how to find good doctor, rehabilitation, etc.

    Strength - some girls feel down sometimes in this line of work, what's good about this work, what helps lift your spirits and makes you feel positive.

    Piercings and tattoos - tips on getting them, hiding them, etc.

    Dealing with "No" from customers.

    Your comfort level - realizing what it is, dealing with customers who push it.

    General tips - anything else you can think of.

    Take care,
    We all imagine ourselves the agents of our destiny, capable of determining our own fate. But have we truly any choice in when we rise, or when we fall, or does a force larger than ourselves bid us our direction. Is it evolution that takes us by the hand, does Science point our way, or is it God who intervenes keeping us safe.

    So much struggle for meaning, for purpose. And in the end, we find it only in each other. Our shared experience of the fantastic. And the mundane. The simple human need to find a kindred, to connect. And to know in our hearts... that we are not alone.

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    Default Re: Article Development

    Pryce, what if you (or someone) made a list of questions pertaining to each topic, and posted them in the forum... then take peoples answers and turn them into a qa type article.. ie, have the question, and then mccains answer, and then melonies answer, etc... or you could just private message the questions to the people you wanted to use...


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    When ready i can sure help out with pole tricks! And i have been doing phone sex for years! And Tips galore on how to feel like you are the queen in the business!!! Stage dancing!!! " Legs-a flying!"
    Thx for this section

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    Sorry i am active in webcam too! And do well with a great company!

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