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Thread: Has anyone ever bought into a co-op club?

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    Default Has anyone ever bought into a co-op club?

    Does anyone here have any experience or know of any other dancers who have bought a club? And more specifically, a club owned by dancers with shares in the business?
    there is a club in my hometown that was just recently renovated. It looks good and has both a large yet cosy feel to it. It was closed down about 8 months ago because the guy renting it couldn't make the payments. I'm thinking of looking into this possibility. any help from the ladies would be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Has anyone ever bought into a co-op club?

    No, but if you think about it in an operational context, every time you pay a fee to work and spend the majority of your time selling services and products that the ownership exclusively prices and packages, you're essentially working as a franchisee. Close enough for comparison.

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