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Thread: Help! What IS a table dance?

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    Default Help! What IS a table dance?

    OK this is probably a stupid question, but I got hired at this club that offers table dances, and I don't know what that means! Do I dance on some sort of table, or for the customer at his table, or does it mean something else?

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    Default Re:Help! What IS a table dance?

    technicly it is short for table side dance. you dance for the guy while he sits in the chair by his table. other dances you take the guy to a seprate area or room. those include: lap, private, vip, couch, champane, etc. the differnce between all of those depends on the club and the local laws.

    ex: when i was in FL i could not say "lap dance" i could be arrested and charged with prosititon (though they useually didnt care on such a low leval). so if a guy asked for a lap dance i would say "i can give you a private dance for $25" that cleared me leagaly. i could also call it a platium dance as that is what the club called it.

    ps: watch the other girls. you will get the hang of it that way. its acutally a lot easier to learn how to dance when you can watch the girls do table dances then if you worked in a club that only had private dances.

    pps: its not a stupid question, i didnt know when i started either...

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    Default Re:Help! What IS a table dance?

    i don't know where you dance but here (New Orleans) we actually do dance on a table...if the dance is out in the main area of the club, its a "table dance" and they bring you a small table to put in front of the guy... in the private room it is called a "couch dance" (but even there we have to dance on a little 'pedestal' 2 feet tall). i hope for your sake that you dont actually have to dance on a table cuz its hard to keep balance on those things!

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    Default Re:Help! What IS a table dance?

    Like ami said, depending on where you're located, the term "table dance" really may mean, "lap dance". It's best to ask the club what level of contact is allowed.
    Dancing is wonderful training for girls, it's the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it. ~Christopher Morley, Kitty Foyle

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