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    A friend invited me to go work with her in Vegas. I have been dancing for over 5 years, but have always been afraid to work there. So, I need some club suggestions. Also, it would be helpful to know which clubs allow tattoos, cause my pal has some and I have heard that there are clubs that won't hire gals with tattoos.

    One more thing, we are planning on going in a few weeks, maybe, so does anyone know about the trends for slow seasons and stuff. I'm used to this being the slow season for the areas that I've worked in, but have heard that Vegas is busy right now.


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    While Vegas does get some seasonal winter vacationers from the north, in my experience the vast majority of club business actually accompanies conventions/trade shows/award shows. These are scheduled events which, unlike the vacation crowd, consist of businessmen travelling without wives and families. Unfortunately, these scheduled events do not occur on a consecutive basis, meaning that you'll get a one-two week busy stretch around every event with things going back to "normal" for several more weeks until the next major event takes place.

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    Melonie is right about the conventions, Vegas is always good as a whole, but it comes in waves. I'm assuming that you are over 21, right, because there is the new law that says if there is alcohol served, then you have to be 21 to work there.
    The early early morning shifts are always pretty good.

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    Sapphires, Little Darlings and The Palamino.. all good clubs and there's also the Spearmint Rhino, which is just a bikini bar if you are not comfortable going fully nude.

    Yes, it comes in waves... iffy sometimes, but usually this time of year is good.. Nascar races on the first weekend in March.. should be good, that's when I will be there.


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    March is a good month to dance if you are traveling. And all the clubs hire girls with tattoos and piercings long as it isnt anything too extreme (you know, can't be covered by makeup) you should have no trouble finding a place to work.

    And I agree with NikkiD about early morning shifts being good. Just don't work day shifts or afternoons, and you should be fine.

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