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Thread: The Colorado in Houston Texas

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    now THIS place is excellent for newbies. I tried it myself and was able to make my rounds in the club. There aren't too many girls; this club requires an SOB liscence so that filters through a lot. I spoke with a girl who was on her sixth day and she said she was enjoying it. Management is VERY nice and helpful. Drugs are very well hidden. You won't know about them if you aren't looking.

    You still have to hustle, mind you. But that is everywhere.
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    Colorado was my first Houston club. I was a waitress there in 97, then went back to strip in 2001.

    Management is pretty cool, and when I worked there, there was no tipout for management or DJ, everything was included in your house fee, so you didn't have to deal with everyone harasssing you for tip and trying to figure out how much $$ you made...

    Ultimately, not very high earnings potential though....

    Agreed with Juliette 100%...great starter club!

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    I mentioned this to someone asking about a place to start in Houston and I agree with Juliette...I think it is a great starter club. I worked there my first night in Houston. Management is VERY helpful, friendly and nice and you are not supposed to tip anyone out. It's a really laid back atmosphere and the place does get very, very busy especially late at night. You have to hustle like every place else but contact expectations are not as high as many other clubs.

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