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Thread: Hi, I'm looking for a dance partner, for...

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    Default Hi, I'm looking for a dance partner, for...

    Hi, I'm new to the site, and sooo glad I found it! Everyone on here is so nice

    I am looking for a dance partner to do private parties with me (girl/girl shows), bachlor/bachlorette, corporate, etc... the shows will be in the Philly, New Jersey, and NY areas,

    The pay ranges from 250 to 500 per show (1/2 hr & 1 hour shows), transportation is provided if u wish, will tell u more if your interested.. some of u ladies may have already checked out this opportunity, :o since I found it on here!
    Write me or post it if ya interested,
    Hope to hear from you soon
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    Default Re:Hi, I'm looking for a dance partner, for...

    Wow you are smokin!!! Hope ya find someone here hun

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    Default Re:Hi, I'm looking for a dance partner, for...

    Oooh--you're definitely hot.

    When I'm not in school, I'm in the NYC area. Are you looking for one regular partner, or just people to do shows with you?

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    Default Re:Hi, I'm looking for a dance partner, for...

    Thank you Lexi So do I... I guess we shall see...

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    Default Re:Hi, I'm looking for a dance partner, for...

    Hi Pixie,
    How are you? On one point I am looking for a main partner, to do many shows with me, this way we can choreograph our own skits, get the outfits 2gether, make it really good, and all the rest that comes with having one partner, but on the other point I am open to working with someone that will or can only do one area.
    My main thing is coordinating with eachother, and be on the same level, so if the ChEmisTry is there in that way, then the rest will flow no matter if we do shows 2gether all the time or just a few times a month, right? Lemme know if you want to chat more, I'll be checking

    Hello Miss George...
    The typical of private parties goes on, two women put on a show for the guys/gals (If ur doing a girl girl show) or the woman dances for them, and LOTS of lap dances of course, lol. This business is strict on no sex & no "extras"

    Thanx for all the interest !!!

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