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Thread: table, couch, lap...the difference??

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    Default table, couch, lap...the difference??

    ok i'm confsued...i start tomarrow and my fear is that i'm gtonna get the lap dance mixed up with whatever else.....what are the differences,,,whats a table dance....and are there rules at most places about how you touch the guys, like i can do one on my boyfriend but its like i
    'm having it get that into it!!!!!

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    Default Re:table, couch, lap...the difference??

    Welcome brittlegz!

    What is involved in a table, couch or lap dance is really going to be club and region specific. Your best bet is going to be to come in a bit early and try to oversee a few of your co-workers, as well as ask a few what they consider "house rules" for all of the above.

    In general- table dances can usually mean any dances done on the "floor" or in the main area of the club. "Couch" dances most often mean there is a couch lounge or VIP-style area with couches, where you take customers for dances. Lap-dances are categorized as both of the above, or if it's a non-contact club- it may simply mean there is a 3rd pricing model for actual contact/lap dances and the table and couch lounges are no contact. It's impossible to guess since all of this changes from club to club, and city to city.

    But most importantly- good luck tomorrow and have a good time! Go get 'em!
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    Default Re:table, couch, lap...the difference??

    How much touching and sexual acxtivity actually goes on at the wildest clubs? I know it vaires, but whats the most outragious you've seen? How far do the girls go?

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    Default Re:table, couch, lap...the difference??

    "...whats the most outragious you've seen? How far do the girls go?"

    Yet another "I want the dirt" question from a newbie for their first post. *sigh*

    To answer the question on the most basic level: Theoretically a table dance is done at the customer's table and would typically be an 'air dance', meaning no touch. Couch dances would be done on couches in a designated couch dance area of the club, separate from the main area. Lapdances may or may not be done in a separate area, but are just as the name implies, done on the customer's lap and do involve some level of touching - either 1way (only dancer touches customer) or 2way (customer also touches dancer.

    What goes on inany particular club varies widely. Different laws, rules and standards exist in every area and in every club. However, for the most part, most clubs don't really enforce the letter of the law in their own rules regarding dancer-customer contact. In some places, a dancer merely touching her customer's shoulder during a dance could potentially get her arrested. In others, girls give blowjobs all day long in the clubs but they're more likely to get arrested for not having their license than for the sex. Most clubs fall somewhere in between these extremes.

    You'll just have to visit the clubs and see what's going on in the clubs in your area.

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