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    OK I was wondering if anyone here does tae bo. I have started and I do a 40 minute workout about 3-4 times a week. I've never really had to exercise because I have always been so active but now I am not, so I am working out now. I was just wondering how often you guys work out, I just want to make sure I am doing enough working out! I also work at a vet hospital so I am constantly moving...this counts as being somewhat active right? If I could get any of your inputs it would be great!
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    I'm doing Tae Bo 3 days a week and its an intense work out. I do it for about 40 minutes a day as well and its really fun and i enjoy doing it. I'm also working out to a Denise Austin work out tape, but so far thats all i'm doing.

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    I started out doing the Tae Bo tapes and I love them so much they are a great stepping stone...

    I workout out about 6 days a week. I practically live in the gym I do double cardio a day in the am i am there just for plain cardio for 40 minutes then go back again for my weight training and another session of cardio or I just jog for 3 miles and call it a night.

    Keep it up sweetie you are doing great so far and you are already on your feet so that is a plus. With any workout program it does help with the results if you have a good clean diet so make sure to look into that as well but you got your workouts pretty down you go girl!

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    *Here I go again* I was doing Tae Bo for a long time before I went to Southern Europe. I just got back a few days ago and I never worked out at all during my month-and-a-half long trip (except for pole work) and my muscles from Tae Bo are still with me. It's pretty intensive stuff. I'm going to get back into it before I start getting flabby. Just keep at it, and if you do it will definitely do what it says on the box!
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