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Thread: C'mon! Someone's gotta dance in New Mexico!

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    Default C'mon! Someone's gotta dance in New Mexico!

    Ok, gals, how about for the newbie....ANY feedback on New Mexico Clubs much appreciated!


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    Default Re:C'mon! Someone's gotta dance in New Mexico!

    I dance at TD's North in Albuquerque.This used to be my favorite club out of all the clubs I've ever danced at, however its gone WAY downhill since new owners took over about 4 years ago. Dances are $10 and have become pretty high contact while 4 years ago they were $10 with absolutely no contact. As of last night VIP dances are now $25 with $5 to the house, previously $20 all to the dancer. House fee is $25 to $35 plus 10% of whatever you make. There are no schedules. Shifts are a 5 hour minimum.

    Other clubs are:

    TD's Eubank, considered the blue collar club though TD's North is not at all the upscale club it used to be. Dances are $7.

    Knockouts, downtown with a younger party crowd. I think dances there are $10, not sure about houses fees, schedules,etc.

    Eclipse, a newer club that never advertised and therefore didn't keep business.They added pool tables and now call themselves a "sports cabaret"-not much money. Dances are $10.

    Chapter 2, a total dive, stay away from that one.

    Fantasy World and the Ice House are the two nude clubs. I haven't danced in either but as a customer they seem pretty depressing. Mostly an under 18 and broke or older and especially skeevy crowd.

    In Santa Fe there's Cheeks where air dances are $5 and VIP is $20 with $5 to the house. House fee is $50 if you're not on a schedule, less if you are. There's no day shift. It's very small town, kind of like someone's decorated basement but the dancers I talked to seemed pretty happy there. One tip I received was don't let on to the owner that you're intelligent, I guess he has a problem with that.

    There may still be a club called Foxtails in Farmington, pretty divey but I did make money there when I tried it 4 years ago and management and customers were really nice, but I didn't make more than in my home club so not worth the 4 hour commute.

    Sorry all that sounded pretty negative. Albuquerque used to be my favorite little dancing secret. Laid back with a good flow of money and no contact. If you were out here for school, which is very affordable here, dancing would probably be fine, but definitely don't move here just to dance. There's still money, just not MONEY. Positives are that the dancers tend to be much nicer than most other clubs I've danced at so the work environment is pretty cool, though even that's changing as money gets tighter and management gets more and more greedy.

    I'm not sure what you're used to or what you're looking for. Feel free to ask more questions.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re:C'mon! Someone's gotta dance in New Mexico!

    Hi. yea, I use to live in Albuequerque, and danced at TD's north (Albquerque) , Cheeks (Santa Fe) and, Foxtails (Farmington). 5yrs ago Cheeks and Foxtails were the best. Least milage and the management went out of their way to help out.

    In Foxtails they pay hotel costs and charge no house fee. They have tabel dances and vip room which is like a vip lounge. Table dances were $10 zero contact...a bouncer watches the dances about 3 feet away. Vip room...the customer pays $20 to enter the room and the dancer choses prices of dances which many dancers charges 50 a dance.. There is one booth and the bouncer is watching the guy about 2 ft away watching the guy. The men are mostly blue collar but they spend with no problem. Tipping on stages were great...many times got $40 $80 on stages. Divy but fun to work at and easy money. The girls are extremely friendly.

    Cheeks, just past thru there a month ago. Money is good. Girls are nice. Yes, you pay $50 to house and $10 for doorman fees and 10% of your profits. Verly low milage. Table dances are $5 (airl dances) and VIP dances are $20 paying $5 to house per dance ( LD but one way contact)One can take home $400 with very little hustling. It's pretty easy to get the VIP dances. very strict with the rules. Crowd is mixed. Mostly blue collar, famous entertainers (Santa Fe is a resort and a place in which alot of movies and TV shows r made), and some white collar (Los Alamos is nearby, plus the wealthy live there). It's great place to travel thru but I could see management could be difficult it they thought they had you as a dancer on regular basis

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