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Thread: Revenge is Sweet

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    Default Revenge is Sweet

    Well, my recent back problems seemed to have cleared up and my doctor gave me the okay to return to normal duty yesterday. I'm having an aching case of cabin fever of sorts, as I hadn't even left town since the whole episode started.

    So I went out driving (in the deluge no less) last night and had a rather expensive "celebration" of sorts (dropped about $175 at two clubs in about two hours).

    Nonetheless, the first club I hit is where I had to wait practically FOREVER for a dance that never came, as the dancer I was waiting for kept me in que but insisted that she would get to me soon. (For the boring details on that snafu, see the "Ever Have One of THOSE kind of nights" thread).

    I think my ATF at that club has left the state, so I'm again left to choosing from backups. And after about fifteen minutes, GUESS WHO walks up to me, but little Miss "I've got one ahead of you".

    "I remember you. Are you ready for that lap dance?"
    "Well, the last time..."
    "Oh, come on."
    "..I don't know.."
    "I'll make it worth your while."
    "Ehh..well.. maybe....LATER."

    And she just walked away. Never saw her again. Almost too easy. Never has saying "ML" felt so good!

    I also found the gal who would have otherwise gotten that business and we made up for it and had a big laugh over my bad time last trip there. Provided my ATF doesn't return, I might have to make her my new ATF, (at least at that club, as I met another lovely goddess at another club across town). I don't think I can afford two of them!!

    So fellas, if you ever have a bad night, don't get discouraged. I'm next to broke this morning, and I think my back is acting up again, but oh what an evening!
    Former SCJ now in rehab.

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    Default Re: Revenge is Sweet

    Hey Doc,
    Maybe you need to get her a copy of "alittle less talk and a lot more action"
    Don't make me spank you!

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