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Thread: Best Lilttle Whorehouse On The Golf Course

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    Default Best Lilttle Whorehouse On The Golf Course

    Okay, think of all the silly puns you can for this one. Was that a hole-in-one or a one-in-hole? Apparently Topless Golf wasn't enough entertainment for them.

    What we're these idiots thinking having an underage girl.
    NORCO, Calif. (AP) - Two golf course managers and a tournament organizer were sentenced to house arrest for hosting two competitions featuring prostitutes and strippers stationed along the putting greens.

    Superior Court Judge Christian Thierbach chided the three for "immoral and illegal actions" at the so-called girlie tournaments in spring 2002.

    More than a dozen prostitutes and strippers, including a 16-year-old girl, set up tents and advertised their services on boards, officials said. About 160 golfers paid $200 US apiece to play, though some showed up without their clubs, officials said.

    Sheriff's deputies wearing camouflage raided the second tournament, detaining 90 golfers and 17 strippers and alleged prostitutes, along with golf course workers.

    Event organizer Sandy Juarez, 39, was accused of providing the prostitutes. In a deal with prosecutors, she pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy to corrupt public morals and testified against Jason Wood, 38, general manager of Hidden Valley Golf Club, and his former assistant, Darren Bollinger, 30. Both pleaded guilty in July to the same charge.

    All three were sentenced to 125 days of house arrest.

    Two golfers have been convicted of engaging in prostitution, and the mother of the 16-year-old prostitute is charged with child endangerment and prostitution.
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    Default Re: Best Lilttle Whorehouse On The Golf Course

    holy crap! 16? some people deserve to have their baby makin parts ripped out!

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