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Thread: getting bigger implants...

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    Oct 2004
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    my goal from day one was to be 2000cc. i love the way fake huge breast look. i guess its my fetish. lol. i got my first boob job last year got 380cc that was the most the doc could fit. then went in for a second he put in 575cc. then went to another doc and he put the 800cc implant the biggest avaible by mentor that is legal in canada. overfilled it to 900cc was wanting 1000cc but it didn;t fit. next surgery i am getting the custom made ones that should bring me to 1300cc-1400cc. then wait about 1 year and go for the 2000cc.
    Jayda, for those civilians among us unfamiliar with cc, what is your bra and cup size now, what will you likely be with 1300-1400, and what do you guess you will be at 2000? BTW, you are an attractive woman, and I suppose enlarging them to that size will probably get you on the way to feature status...although if you reach 2000cc, your bustline would be the equivalent of a normally proportioned woman who was nine or 10 feet tall! Anyway, it's your call, and I wish you well with it in the upcoming new year -- just make sure your body (and psyche) can handle such an enormous change, both on and off the stage.

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    Default Re: getting bigger implants...

    Jayda, I love BIG boobs and support anyone's educated decision to have plastic surgery. But your breasts are the PERFECT big cartoonish breasts. No sag, they look reasonable, and don't have any of the weirdness that a lot of huge fake boobs do. You look like an anime character in the BEST way. Have you ever thought about staying the size you are now? I LOVE THEM!

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