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    Post Stories outside the club

    I just read Jenna Jameson's book and was amazed by her story. I'm a writer and it got me thinking about and idea for a screenplay. I want to write an independent film about a dancers life. It's not a porn and will actually deal very little with her time dancing. I want to explore the life that many people don't think about. How their job affects other aspects of her life. Relationship, family, social circle, long term goals, ect... I think many people have pre-concieved notions about these girls, and I'm really interested in hearing the other aspects of life. Any help people can give would be awesome. Personal stories, ideas, input, anything is great. Thank you.

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    here is another one who thinks that this is a wonderful place to get info on their upcoming best seller. "Strippers and the Life they lead." Whatever.
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