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Thread: Another reason to love NOLA

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    Default Another reason to love NOLA

    They found the House of the Rising Sun!
    No one has figured out — and many have tried — if the song depicts an actual bordello, and, if it does, where the real Rising Sun was. But a collection of pottery shards pulled recently from the ruddy soil of the French Quarter could prove to be the key that would unlock that beloved mystery.

    This was very funny:

    The next sentence: "Gentlemen may here rely upon finding attentive Servants." Similar language, Gray said, was used in old bordello advertisements to make it clear — without explicitly saying so — that extracurricular services were available.

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    Interesting article Susan. Looks as though they found a bordello, whether they found the bordello remains to be seen. Here's another article:

    Interestingly enough, across the Mississippi from the French Quarter in the Algiers section of NO, there is a bed and breakfast called House Of The Rising Sun. The owners actually get calls from time to time inquiring about what "services" are available:

    From an article in the LA Times,0,2768957.story

    Today, there is a Rising Sun in New Orleans — the House of the Rising Sun Bed & Breakfast in Algiers, across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter.

    "Once in a while people think we are a house of ill repute. They will call up and say, 'What is your specialty?' I say, 'Well, we do a nice continental breakfast. It's very healthy.' They say: 'You know what I mean.' And I have to tell them that they've got the wrong idea."
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