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Thread: Newbie FAQ! Your Question is Probably Here!

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    Default Newbie FAQ! Your Question is Probably Here!

    No "What Should My Stage Name Be" Threads

    All right, newbies,

    There are a hundred "What should my name be?" threads in the Newbie board. I will be deleting any new thread that individually requests stage names. Please use the search function to look for name threads, which contain hundreds of names, or visit Alysabeth Clement's Big List of Stripper Names, which contains even more. Strangers online aren't going to be able to pick out a stage name for you any better than you can yourself! For general guidelines please read Lysondra's post below.

    And keep these things in mind:

    Ease of pronunciation and understanding. Persephone won't roll off the tongues of potential customers and they sure won't hear it right in a crowded bar.

    Know your audience. In a conservative area? Don't be Princess DevilBaby. In an urban area? Don't be Cheyenne.

    You're a stripper and you can name yourself whatever you want. That's your right. Just get used to the stupid comments right off the bat and brush them off when they laugh at "Mercedes" or "Lexi" or "Roxanne" or "Princess DevilBaby."

    Here are some pertinent threads:

    Worst Stage Names?

    Favorite Stage Names?

    What's Your Stage Name?

    What's your Stage Name and Why?

    A search for "stage names" will bring up a host of threads.
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    Default What should your stage name be?

    Picking a Stage Name

    Many new dancers are always curious about how they should go about picking a good name for themselves when becoming a dancer. Finding a name shouldn't be harder than walking in your new stripper shoes for the first time, that's for sure! I have compiled a formatted list that will help any new girl find a way to make her name!

    Remember, pick a name that is easy to pronounce. Try not to make it more than two syllables or people will not remember it or will incorrectly pronounce it. I have also found out that the letters 'th' are really hard to understand in a club setting. My name is Lilith and I constantly get "Lily?".

    There are the names of stones that work well. Diamond, Jade, Ruby, Pearl.

    There are car names, a lot of the higher end ones work. Problem; I have found a lot of girls with car names get teased a lot more. So have a strong spine if you're using one of these. Mercedes, Porshe, Ferrari.

    Then there are colours. A lot of colour names are really great and easy to remember. If you have red hair a cute name would simply be 'Red'. Customers would definitely be able to come back and ask for you if you matched like that. Then there's Ebony, Jade (again), Ivory.

    All the seasons work. Yes they do. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. A great line for one of these girls during an off season would be, "Wanna see Summer in winter?" Boom, line for dances. Also, months. April, June, May, August.

    Places. These are also great ice breaker names. Paris, London, Boston, Dallas.

    Goddesses. Greek, Celtic and Roman are the best names to choose from. There are great names in all religions, but some of the goddesses have the best names. Persephone, Lilith, Morrigan, Aprhodite, Athena, Hera.

    Last but not least; real names. A name that sound like it could actually be your own name. This will make customers ask the least, "So, what's your REAL name?," and we all know you'll get it. Nicole, Liz, Noelle.

    Do not pick names that are obviously in relation to money. It makes you look cheap and easy, like Dollar. Do not pick names of household objects or fruits. Apple, Peaches, Clorox, Alphanumeric Calculator. Things like that. Ha.

    Anyway, I really thought a small list of good names would really help a girl pick a good one for future reference, so here it is. Thank you for reading.

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    Default What To Bring On Your First Night

    "What should I bring to the club on my first night?"

    For more check out the Check list for first night thread.

    On your first night (and pretty much each one thereafter), what should you bring? Your needs will vary from club to club, but here's a pretty universal list to start with so you don't freak out about forgetting something.

    Makeup – anything you're going to wear that night you need with you
    Hair products – brush, styling irons, hairdryer, styling products, clips
    Nails – extra polish (color and clear), file
    First Aid – Advil for headaches, tampons, Band-Aids (as a newbie, you're apt to have blisters), Arnica for bruises
    Body – Deodorant, body spray, baby wipes (useful in many ways), toothbrush/toothpaste

    Shoes – of course. It never hurts to have a backup pair in case one breaks.
    Non-slip pads for shoes
    Outfits and legal thongs – always have spares in case of stains, etc. Also make sure to check the club's dress code requirements when you get hired.
    Garter or purse, depending on how you hold your money.


    Snacks to keep your energy up
    Breath mints (some clubs don't allow you to chew gum while on the floor)
    Combination lock if you'll have a locker, small luggage lock for your bag if you won't

    Advanced Preparedness
    (not necessities but might be nice to have)
    Sewing Kit, scissors, and safety pins
    CDs with your music
    Small towel for covering dressing room chairs
    Shoe deodorant
    Ziploc baggies for individual outfits (one trick for keeping clean outfits smelling fresh is to stick a dryer sheet in the baggie with them)
    Makeup remover
    A book or magazine for slow nights
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    Default How do you keep money on your garter?

    A lot of new dancers have asked about where you put your money. Some carry a purse, some stash it in their lockers, and lots of us keep it on our persons in a garter. The garter can be worn on your arm, leg, or ankle. Here's a leg and ankle garter tutorial I made after the tenth time someone asked how it was done.
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    Arrow Frequently Posted Topics - Your Question Might Be Answered Here!

    I am starting this thread for for all of the Newbs who have asked me these exact questions. Now I can point them to this to save both of us time. These of course are questions newbies can find searching and answered in stickies.

    *This doesn't mean Newbs still shouldn't read stickys and use the search function. If you have read them some of this may look familiar. But they are still asked, so here they are again.

    But here it my words.

    "What should I wear when I start out?"

    The first thing you need to think about is dress codes. Bikini, Topless, Pasties, Nude, all can be very different. Call the clubs you are considering and ask them their dress code. Every place is different. It is better to be safe than sorry

    With that said...

    Your goal is to try to find something that makes you look sexy and at the same time wear something that will sell appeal to customers. Try to avoid wearing what everybody else is. Be yourself and that is unique. Make yourself stand out in the best way possible.

    Keep an open mind. Try on things you might not normally wear. Even if it's not the best when you are going through the racks, it might look really good on you once it is off of the hanger. Remember just because you might not like it perfectly doesn't mean the customer won't.

    If you dance full nude or topless make sure what you buy can be taken off with the least amount of struggle

    Avoid buying something you haven't tried on at least once!

    Unless you are very familiar with the sizes, or it can fit most types (and you are in that category) you should try it on before it is purchased. Many things cannot be returned. Be careful when buying packages of clothes that cannot be tried on first, they might look nice but if you don't have a body similar to the model on the package, chances are it will not fit right.

    "Where should I look for clothes?"

    Go to all kinds of stores. Hunt through shops such as Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, Charlotte Russe or cheap outlet department stores for sale items. And of course the internet!

    DO NOT buy something if it doesn't fit you correctly!

    Yes it's so cute and is a hard temptation to beat . . . put it back on the rack. It's soooo close but... it's a little long... or too tight or loose... maybe if I did this to it, it would.... can't i wear it anyway!?!


    If it's too tight it's gonna leave little annoying lines and red marks, which might hide in the dark if you are lucky or might not, and it's just very unflattering and not sexy to see these. If it's not your size or it's not right for your body, just let it go and find something even better. There is always something better. When things don't fit right it's not going to market you to the best of you abilities. Don't waste your very hard earned money on something if it doesn't compensate what you did to earn your money.

    "I want to buy more than one outfit but they are expensive. How can I make my money last and get the most for it?"

    The best thing to do is ook at the sale racks and cheapest items first. Never pay more than you think the item is actually worth. Unless it is of quality and you are in love with it

    There are many many many places you can find clothes cheaper than a Lingerie/Exotic dance store. If you like a particular item you find in a store remember the price and size and search for it on Ebay, where it is possible to find it for a cheaper price.

    Remember to look at the items you want to purchase closely for defects. Are the stitches far apart which will let it fall apart easily? Is this thong/G-string gonna tear when i take it off after a few uses? Try to avoid things made of mesh unless it's really cheap or it's actually made well.

    Some people come into clubs and sell outfits. Yes, they are very cute but are they really worth the price? Many things are made cheap and sold for a lot while you are working. This gets a lot of newbies because they think they might need to change their outfit to make more money. This might be true for some cases, but not always, sometimes there are bad nights.
    Remember if you purchase something simple and cheap you can take it home and add stuff to customize it to be fancier for a lot cheaper.

    "Are my boobs the right size?"

    The answer is yes. They are not to big or too small to prevent you from starting dancing. Dance for a while first and see how you feel.

    Each customer has a preference to what they like. Every single one is different. It is much more important being confident in yourself and doing what you feel makes you happy.

    Boobs (or booty or whatever) alone don't make a person money or else it would be easier to make more. It is a combination of your entire package, how you present yourself, what you have to offer for their fantasy.

    "What should I wear if I am conscious about my weight or curves?"

    Remember this. Extra weight and more curves is not a curse. Tell yourself and believe it. Different things appeal to different customers, just like boobs and booty. Some people loves curves while some people don't like any. Don't prevent yourself from dancing because you don't know if you are the right type, because you are. And don't give yourself and excuse of wanting to tone up first. There are plenty of clothes to flatter you while you get in shape

    One of the best ways to deal with this is by purchasing a well fitted corset. The best kind you can get is the type with a bra built in at the top, so all you have to do is push or fold the cup down to show your breasts.

    There is an option of trying a waist cincher that ends under your breast and wear a bra or bikini top with that can easily be taken off. Make sure they really do complement each other. If you mix match try to find another part of you outfit the bra/bikini top matches with matches with.

    Waist Cincher Left; Corset Right

    The great thing about both of these is not only do they flatter curves, but they can help create a little bit of curve for people who want or feel they need more.
    You may need to try on quite a few before you find the perfect one for your body. There are so many different types that do different things.

    "Oh My GOD!!!! SHOES!!!!"

    Some people can walk naturally in tall heels with a sharp stiletto, without a problem... and others can, but don't like to... and then some just cannot, yet. You can go for the typical stripper shoes or less typical. Try on lots of shoes, as many as you can. Try them with straps and with out straps. It might not SEEM like a big deal... But it is! Many little differences will affect how you function dancing on stage and just walking. You don't need to walk in the tallest shoes. Not every shoe is appropriate for every outfit. Make sure it looks good on you, with what you are wearing, and doesn't violate any dress codes. Once you have achieved your balance in shoes, sharp points will not be so hard to walk in, and that's a good sign for you to know you are ready for more advanced ones.

    It's also a good idea to find the ones you want in the store and find them on Ebay for cheaper prices if they are available. It is not necessary to spend more than you need to. Believe me, you can find the sexiest shoes for the best prices if you look hard enough. But of course it's always fun to treat ourselves now and again.

    Clear shoes are great and you can find some with a chunky heel or a cone heel. The only problem with these is sometimes taking off a skirt or undies. Occasionally they will stick if you are not careful. It's not really a big deal, just make sure not to parade around the stage with shoe-undies.

    Chunk Heel

    Cone Heel

    "What Clubs are good and where will I make the most money?"

    The only way to find this out is to ask other dancers in your area. Check out as many clubs as you can. And don't expect a lot of money in L.A. Be careful not to make the mistake of assuming the first club you found is the best job offer. Just because you are hired doesn't mean it's the ideal club for you

    Every club is different for every dancer. If you don't like the one you are at then there are probably plenty more to try.

    "I am nervous my First Night!"

    Don't get your nerves worked up too much. And don't worry about having to take your clothes off. They want to see you that way, anyway. Consider that a compliment and it will make it easier. Usually once you are up on stage it actually feels natural to move around and act sexy and take clothing off. Sometime it takes a little more time to feel natural. You will get through it!

    "What do I do and how do I dance when I get on stage for an audition or a contest to get hired?"

    If you do have to audition for a club, it's really the same as just working there as a dancer. You go up on stage and dance for a song or two. When you get onto the stage set your purse in an area where it cannot be reached by anybody other than yourself. And make sure it is where you will not stumble upon it either.

    This is the part that is good for people who have a background in trained dance... or is it? Well, if you had trained in anything involving dance or gymnastics or movement you have an advantage because you should be somewhat more coordinated. But you will soon find out that dancing in a strip club is different. Some newbs get on stage and have a choreographed routine while others kinda try to move and sway side to side with the music. Neither of these should be your ultimate goal on stage and these are not the best way to entertain. Your goal when you dance on stage is to be sexy and entertaining. The best way to do that is to do things that make you feel sexy, rather than what you think others might think sexy is. It is easier to look sexy if you make yourself feel that way while you do your thing. This is why wardrobe also plays a big part.

    If there are customers at the stage or that come up to the stage give them your attention. That is what they are there for. Get to as many as you can, you don't have to be there for long. Always thank them for what they give you, even if you think they are cheap. It will leave a good impression so they will feel more easy about spending more money on you. This also makes you looks nice which might attract others' attention. Remember they work for their money to and want what they think it is worth too. Entertain them as best as you can without putting yourself at risk.

    Dancing as a stripper is not like dancing in a ballet or normal dance club. Of course you can incorporate some moves for your own sense of style. When you are dancing move slowly, think sexy or sensual. Don't worry about trying to do every trick you can think of. Customers do like a good show, but what they want IS a GOOD SHOW.

    When you remove articles of clothing take your time. It's good to tease customers while removing them. Between taking articles of clothes off do some sexy moves to take up time. It's good to take more time because it will seem like you are doing more things, and the longer you take the less you might take off. You can slide your panties down so they are at the bottom of you butt and pussy(for a good tease), but not halfway down your thigh(that looks lazy sometimes).
    When you are on stage you should want to do less work (for removing clothing that is) for more money, but at the same time you should never let it appear that way to anyone.

    "What about the Pole, its so shiny and pretty..oh what do I do?"

    Pole tricks are great and lots of fun and the best way to do them is safely. There are classes and other dancers that can teach you tricks. If you have no experience, trying to do things you don't know can lead to horrible injuries. If you have no experience on a pole don't try to use it at first, unless it is assisting to get on or off of the floor. The pole is your friend, but don't rely only on the pole, because the customer are seated by the edge of the stage. If you can do pole tricks that's a great advantage, but don't give it all of your attention because its not the one giving you money.

    If you want to take online classes here's two popular websites.

    If you have another question, please feel free to ask away and I will try to put it on here

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    Default Re: Newbie FAQ! Your Question is Probably Here!

    For questions about licenses, employers finding out about your background in sex work, background checks, etc.:

    Keywords: licenses, licensing, medical field, future employers, background checks, job
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