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    Default newbie in london

    Wow ladies
    What a great site!
    Am totally new to all this, but after much deliberating have finally decided to take the plunge and try auditioning to hopefully become a dancer......
    so much valuable info on these forums (uk based ones seem sadly lacking in this)
    have taken in alot from reading your posts, but would love to hear from any of you who have worked in london.......any recommendations on supportive clubs/pubs for a newbie?
    Many thanks
    Camilla x

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    Default Re: newbie in london

    Best agency is Entertease see It's run by Janice O'Halloran, who treats her girls decently.

    Another is Angels Exotic. It's run by Dawn, who's an ex-dancer and OK, but she's only got two venues at present.

    There's also the Promises Agency. This is run by Susie - I don't know too much about her.

    Finally, there's the Rainbow Agency. It's run by Lorraine, an ex-dancer known for being cantankerous with the girls she books.

    A number of strip pubs, (The Old Axe, Browns, etc), book girls direct, and then there are the lap dance clubs.

    For general info check out Trash City on although some of the info is a little out dated. Ignore most of the UK based forums - they are definately not dancer friendly.

    If I were going to start I'd recommend Janice and her Entertease agency. She'll arrange for training if you need it and start you out at a quiet pub.

    If you've not been to a strip pub I'd recommend you go and see what's involved - again I'd recommend you make arrangements to meet some of the girls working so you find out the realities of a dancer's life.

    PM me if you want a little more info, but your best bet is to contact Janice.


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    Default Re: newbie in london

    Some of the clubs that Phil-W has listed are good and I do suggest you read the links he has posted. However, I hear that Browns/The Griffin which are strip pubs are harder to get into as a new girl and they turn more people away than they hire because they are the most popular ones to work for (with good earning potential). I would suggest you apply when you are more experienced.

    There are also a number of strip clubs, namely the big showy ones like Spearmint Rhino TCR and Secrets but I hear that they have a high turnover of girls because of the large housefee and unpredictable customer base. But they do have the capacity for earning good money when they are busy, such as the weekend but be prepared to compete with LOTS of girls.

    Another one is Stringfellows which as far as I know is a lot easier to get into than most people think. You could always go there and see what they say but you need good dancing clothes to work there and if you are just starting, you may not have the type of outfits to satisfy the dress code. Again, a relatively high house fee here.

    However, I must say that this information is not from firsthand experience, rather from picking the brains of dancers who have worked in London. You will never know the entire story unless you just go out there and give it a shot. I really hope that you find a club you like!! Good luck.
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