I have been driving my sister lately to shows and parties for extra money and after being asked by the guys at these shows a million times if I will dance, how much to get me to dance, and why would such a pretty girl not be dancing, I have strarted asking myself the same questions. Why not? My sis, "Kendra", makes a ton of money and I have seen what she does. Not that its easy, but It doesn't seem too hard.

Now I have been testing the waters a little and weighing my options. Should I dance in a club or do it in homes and hotels the way she does? There is a lot to consider.....
comfort (for a nervous newbie, safety, money, opportunities, etc.

Can someone, anyone please weigh in here. I have found this site to be hugely beneficial for anykind of exotic dancer, however, I am looking for information on dancing outside of the club, a comparison, perhaps.

Thank you all in advance!!!