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Thread: an inane question for SF-er's or other urbanites.

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    Default an inane question for SF-er's or other urbanites.

    uh, i feel silly even asking this, so, mod, feel free to move/delete this once (if) it gets answered...

    so i go back tomorrow to a Broadway club for my first real night, and at my audition on wednesday, i forgot to ask the question i kept reminding myself to ask all day: Where in bloody hell does one park? i ask this mostly concerned with safety, walking back to my car at a late hour, after very obviously leaving working at a strip club, as well as convenience. anyone who has been to this area, especially on weekend nights, knows how impossible it is to even find a place four blocks from where you want to be.

    i'll be, for the time being, driving in from out of town. do i park elsewhere kind of close (which raises another question, where then? paylot? street?) and then taxi to the location? is there valet service at some clubs for the girls? public transport seems...not doable at a late hour. how do you return to your car safely? a bouncer couldnt possibly walk me whatever distance i surely might have to park some nights.

    thanks a lot! i meant to ask a girl or a manager while i was there, i knew there was something on my mind the whole time but i didnt remember until i was long gone (i parked on the street that time -- but miraculously found something close and left at 10pm). thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: an inane question for SF-er's or other urbanites.

    I know Broadway Showgirls and Hustler Club both have valets.

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    Default Re: an inane question for SF-er's or other urbanites.

    When I worked at the smaller clubs there that had no valet, all the girls I knew that drove cars used one of the pay lots on broadway. They usually spent $20 a night just for parking but if you're good at making money that shouldn't be a problem. As for getting to the car, the bouncers were actually really good about walking each girl to their car, and if they didn't then the girls just walked in groups.

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