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Thread: What do you do in VIP?

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    Default What do you do in VIP?

    I sold my first VIP last night, to a nice kid on his 19th birthday. Once I got him back there I had no idea what to do so I just gave him a regular lap dance and threw in a little more grinding and rubbing my tits in his face and stuff. But I feel like his friend's money was wasted because I didn't really give him the VIP experience.

    Our VIP is a small private room with a sofa in it. There are surveillance cameras. We're allowed to do whatever we want as long as the guy's clothes stay fully on (no unbuttoning his shirt or pants or anything) and, as the manager put it, "I don't want to look at the monitor and think, 'My G-d, she's gonna get pregnant.'" So we can get crazy within a reasonable boundary. What do you all do?

    I was thinking about the ice trick that someone else posted on here awhile ago - bringing a cup of ice and letting the guy rub it all over me. Any other suggestions? I wanna be the wild and crazy kind of stripper.

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    well, was he happy? that's all that matters.

    I think it's better to market the VIP as an intimate place rather than a nastier place. You being you should be enough!

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    My best VIP involved no extras- well some minor 2 way rubbing- but nothing I would really fret about. Besides I am not looking for that.

    Somehow this person brought me back to when I was a kid in the back of dads car. (I will not tell you how many years ago that was) I don't know how she did it. I think it was somehow slowly encouraging me and discouraging me yet letting me get away with a 'bit" more as the time went on.

    No phoney purrring, moans or listing of what she would do if we could. No lip kissing but lots of hugging and nibbles on both sides and acting like it was all sort of new and fun for her.

    Maybe it was my mood but damn I dropped a ton of money and went back to my hotel feeling just like I used to at the end of my dates when I was 16 year old virgin...

    Hope that helps and that you are enjoying SoCal!

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    I think that was a really helpful comment! I think it's great to hear from a customer what makes the experience really special, esp. when it involves making him feel good without doing anything extra!

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    VIP room is like it is said, a very important personn room.
    Cost more, expect me to deliver more in terms of greater intimcacy.
    Most of the time, however, to me, it was just talking and touching.
    And watching the customer go into a euphoric state.
    And spend, spend, spend.
    Oh, well, congratulations.

    BTW. Emily, I loove your new avatar.
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    helloooooooo nurse.
    People are not ruled by their memories.

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