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Thread: Buy AND Sell boots from...

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    Default Buy AND Sell boots from...


    Don't just BUY the shoes that you dance in SELL THEM and earn some extra cash!!! We are and we offer the most beautiful selection of shoes and boots for discerning dancers and collectors.

    We are currently offering AFFILIATE OPPORTUNITES to members of Stripper Web with absolutely NO sign up fees. We pay 10% commissions on all of your sales. All you have to do is visit our website and sign up! Then just tell your friends and coworkers about our site, provide them with YOUR own URL and that's it you don't stock anything, handle payment, customer service or even the cost of running the website! We pay you for networking! We track your commissions and will either cut you a check or offer a credit toward your favorite products.

    If you have any questions about signing on please call our affiiate recruiter, Mike @ 813-569-8886
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    Default Re: Buy AND Sell boots from...

    good idea, selling your shoes, etc. i have a wide foot and buy stretched out shoes that are too wide for the normal foot. i wear a six and would like to have access to something that would fit.

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    oops i see i goofed. they want you to sell NEW shoes, oh well, i still need stretched out ones.

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