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Thread: SF to ban champagne rooms unless we stop it!

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    Angry SF to ban champagne rooms unless we stop it!

    We've just had a meeting at our club about this new proposal set forth to the SF City Council by Tracy Buell aka 'Daisy Anarchy', a disgruntled ex-dancer (not from our club) who wants to ban champagne rooms and VIP areas.

    The meeting is to be held on Wednesday Jan 26th at City Hall and unless we stop it, the measure will go through

    This means a huge loss of income for a lot of girls.

    So if any girls from SF, want to stop this

    You have to call Chris Daly, our city supervisor at 415 554 7970 and the Commission on the Status of Women (an advisory board of the City and County of San Francisco) at 415 252 2570, Fax 415 252 2575.

    This is important, I heard other states have banned champagne rooms, and thats why we have a have a flood of girls from other states here.

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    Default Re: SF to ban champagne rooms unless we stop it!

    I really wouldn't get to upset over Daisy Anarchy testifying (yet again) that private dances and private club areas should be abolished, while at the same time supporting dancers being treated as unionized 'employees' and prostitution being decriminalized.

    A. Daisy was recently dealt a resounding defeat to her proposals by the Seattle city council, after trying to sell exactly the same proposals.

    B. SF politics and precedents basically scoff at the existance of private club areas, and essentially ignore whatever activities are taking place in those private club areas ...

    "Veteran sex-work activist Carol Leigh thinks the raids were prompted by an article, five months earlier, in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, that described sexual activity in the clubs, including allegations by some dancers that they were subject to "coercion and assault" in the clubs' private booths. Vice inspector Rich McNaughton says police wanted to check the prosecutorial resolve of the Newsom-Harris administration around sex-work issues. "Not knowing what the new D.A. was going to do with these cases, we felt we had to test the waters," he says.

    Whatever the police motivation, Harris set all political delicacy aside when she announced, a month after the raids, that she had no intention of prosecuting any of the people who had been arrested. "Prostitution and regulatory violations at the clubs raise complex issues involving worker safety, exploitation of women, equity, and fair notice," she said in a statement dismissing the arrests. Until she had time to examine these issues more carefully, she said, she was not about to invest her office's time or money on anything as inconsequential as lap dancing. She announced the formation of an "Adult Clubs Working Group," co-chaired by her office and the office of the city attorney, to examine issues related to the lap-dancing clubs and "develop enforcement options" for the future.

    While Harris is not going so far as to publicly support decriminalization of prostitution in San Francisco, she has said for the record that 1) her primary concern about the lap-dancing theaters is the safety of the women who work there, not the sexual nature of their work, and 2) she intends to "prioritize murders, rapes, and narcotics crimes higher than whether people are paying for consensual sex in the theaters' private booths."

    Twenty-five years after nude dancers first came down from the stage to sit with amazed customers at San Francisco’s Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre, hundreds of lap-dancing clubs comprise a network of entertainment and commerce that is a significant part of the sexual culture of every major American city, and many minor ones as well. The tenor of lap-dancing clubs varies from elegant to sleazy; working conditions run the gamut from pleasant to abominable; income for dancers can be anything from extravagant to minimal. Lap-dance privacy within the clubs goes from nonexistent to near-complete, and the degree of sexual contact slides from none to playful wriggling to surreptitious touching to full sexuality -- depending on local laws, law enforcement priorities, club policies, individual dancer preferences, even time of day. "


    IMHO if San Francisco dancers add to whatever publicity Daisy Anarchy is going to be able to raise at public hearings, it is not going to do much to sway the opinion of SF local politicians. However, it may in fact work against SF dancers if news coverage draws increased attention of the Cal FTB (state income tax) when dancers start stating how much they are earning now and how much Daisy Anarchy's proposal would potentially cost them in lost earnings. With California's black hole budget deficit, the FTB would like nothing better than to tap into a previously undocumented revenue stream like dancer's tips and private dance/champagne room earnings. Hopefully SF dancers will be smarter than the Manhattan dancers who complained to the press that if the NYC adult business zoning law was allowed to go into effect that they stood to lose $1000+ of their current $2000+ per night earnings !

    By all means go ahead and call the city attorney and the mayor's commission though !

    It is probably also a safe assumption that the DejaVu corporation (which owns the vast majority of SF clubs) has already made clear that future political contributions to SF city council members will be directly affected by their voting record on Daisy's proposal ! Isn't it nice to see your 'stage fees' being put to work for a change ?
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