Apologies for the cross-post, everybody, but they really are looking for people and I've been told it may take a while for posts in Services to show up...

Alright, so here goes....

On February 25th, there will be a meeting in Etobicoke of photographers from iStockPhoto.com .

They have found a few models, but they need more. In particular, they are seeking adult men and women, and are especially interested in finding models who are a little older or of different ethnicities. From what I gather from the thread, they may also desire that models bring a few outfits that would be suitable for different scenarios (i.e., fine dining, casual, etc).

This is NOT an adult photo shoot.

I've corresponded with the person who is doing a lot of the model organizing, and he says that this will be a "work for TFCD" arrangement. In other words, apparently everyone will be getting *something* out of it.

If you would like to know more about this event:

If you are interested, please contact me either privately through SW, or by email at "consumate.me @ gmail.com" with information on how the organizers may best contact you with further details. The sooner the better, since this is in just a couple of weeks.

I know there are a fair number of men and women on here who have some degree of modelling experience - it would be great if some of you could help out.

Thanks, folks!