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Thread: For the metal & rock freaks

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    Default For the metal & rock freaks..

    Two words: Soul Sirkus
    (CD-World Play)
    Jeff Scott Soto--vocals; been around for ages but best identifiable to most as the vocalist from the Rockstar movie music. He can WAIL.

    Neil Schon--if I have to tell you who he is you suck. No; really. Guitarist from Journey. On this cd he goes harder than that.

    If you wanna hark back to the good ol' days when somebody could sing and somebody could play; check it out. Im'a lovin' it. But; I am an 80's blond rocker chick; so I would. It is a bit complicated and not so commercialized; but think Dream Theater and a bit of Hagar and continue along that vein....
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    Default Re: For the metal & rock freaks

    OK, this isn't new, it was started as a separate thread, and since I own the CD and like it, I'm putting it back on it's own--it merits its own thread...

    So leave it, please.

    I was never too crazy about Journey, though I have played them for many a dancer. But like lildreamer says, Neil cuts loose on this one, it's a departure.

    Most of the tracks wouldn't be suitable for the club, unless they were carefully cued, perhaps, but an excellent CD for the home or car.

    "Highest Ground" is a great track that would work in the club quite well if cued properly.

    Since Music Mix has never been exclusively for music in the club, even if oriented towards it, I am glad to see this CD get the attention it deserves.
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    Default Re: For the metal & rock freaks

    Just because dj=pretentious prick(see asshole) Jeff Scott Soto was the voice of the original singer of Dragon but Mark Whalbergs voice was actualy done by MILJENKO MATIJEVIC from Steelheart.... link time..... Jeff Scott was probbly best known as the singer for Yngwie Malmsteen's Risisng Force among others.
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