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Thread: Wisdom Teeth Go Bye Bye Tomorrow

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    Default Wisdom Teeth Go Bye Bye Tomorrow

    I'm so scared! *Whine*. I really have a strong dislike for the dentist and that is probably why I am in the boat I'm in now. All four of my wisdom teeth are coming out at 8am tomorrow morning. The only good news is I get a week vacation to recover. Fun Fun.

    I am going to work tonight to try to distract myself from thinking about the surgery too much. Smart idea? I am not so sure but we will see. Any other ladies work to distract themselves before surgery?
    I comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

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    Default Re: Wisdom Teeth Go Bye Bye Tomorrow

    I got knocked the fuck out when I had my four teeth extracted.

    The next morning you will feel like you had four of your teeth knocked out from a fight last night.

    Luckily my pain went away after a day. I got two big bottles of vicodin in my cabinet and I was to scared of addiction to use em. So ice water it was.

    No straws!

    An irrigate those sockets!

    It wasn't tooooo bad. But I tell people, if you don't need em removed - DON'T REMOVE THEM.

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    Default Re: Wisdom Teeth Go Bye Bye Tomorrow

    I think its good you are going to work tonight but don't drink or eat a waffel house breakfeast tonight you don't want any ill effects tommrrow. good luck

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    Default Re: Wisdom Teeth Go Bye Bye Tomorrow

    Awww SG.. You'll do great. My Sister had all 4 of hers yanked in one shot a few years back. Aside from being swelled and looking like a chipmunk for a few days, she felt no pain.

    I had fun with her though--I got her a Bugs Bunny balloon to mess with her and all that.. Heh.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Wisdom Teeth Go Bye Bye Tomorrow

    My mouth is prolly wort h at least $10,000, between getting my bicuspids and stubborn deciduous teeth yanked, a set of barces for straightening purposes, headgear, a retainer and another set of braces for TMJ treatment, and having 4 wisdom teeth taken out. If you can afford it and you're not at large risks for complications, ask the m to put you under. I only got novicaine, which dulled the pain and put me at much lower risks for complications (I could eat before the surgery), but didn't prevent me from crying when the dentist pretty much had to brace his foot against me to yank the stubborn ones.

    The holes will feel wierd until they close up, especially when food falls into them, so irrigate!

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    Default Re: Wisdom Teeth Go Bye Bye Tomorrow

    Don't wash those clots out, honey! I almost fainted when I saw a case of dry sockets. I also knew someone who was let food get compacted into the holes, which was disgusting. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure here.....

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