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    I have a problem, There's a pair of open-toed shoes that I REALLY want. They are so hot, but my feet are not that attractive. I've been dancing for a long time and on top of that I wear combat style boots everyday both are hard on the feet. My nails are fucked up but I suppose I could fix that with polish but my main problem is that I have freakishly long toes. Is this really a big deal?

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    Two words: Uma Thurman. Ugly, UGLY feet. But famous and, I think, beautiful.

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    Man I am hidiously ugly fron the ankles down and I hardly ever wear open toed shoes because of it.
    However I have noticed that there are plenty of other dancers with ugly feet too and it doesnt stop them. I assume that very few customers are going to care and if there's one thing that reins true in this world its that what is ugly to you is going to be beautiful to various other people (-:

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    Weekly pedicures help a great deal. Long toes? Yep me too. I can pick up small objects with my toes. Little toe rings and the right kind of polish color can camoflage long toes. Oh, and self tanner sprayed on the tops of the feet (avoiding the spaces between the toes) will also create an optical illusion of shorter toes.

    Also try wearing flip flops when you are at home (or going barefoot).

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