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    I was just watching Mythbusters, and they went to see a guy who has spent 2.5 million dollars trying to create a flying car. He said that some other Doctor he spoke with estimated that in 10 years 25% of the population would own flying cars,and in 20 years 95% of the population would have flying cars. But I am not an engineer so how would that be possible as airplanes fly on gasoline? Or do they fly on something else. I was just really curious about this!

    I always loved the Jetsons, even more then the flintstones when I was younger. (they had reruns on tbs every morning just before school.) So I always had hoped that I would have a flying car one day and live on a skyscraper with a robot maid to do all my chores!

    So what does everyone think about this? Right now my goal is to save up enough money for when my current car dies I'll probably geta hybrid car like a Prius since they are enviornment friendly and gas efficient.

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    I'm geting a hybrid soon. And I shall modify it so that it makes the Jetson's car sound. And I want spinning rims.

    Cause I can. And cause I'm insane.

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    There's enough idiots on the road; I do NOT want them in the sky too!

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    These links explain the difference between plane and car fuels:
    Even if current oil reserves seems to run low, there is a LOT of shale oil in the western U.S., just waiting to be processed. The price needs to stay above $70 a barrel for it to be profitable, however. (currently it's below $60 on the market). So fossil fuels may be around for awhile.

    There have been plans for flying cars for over 50 years, with a few that "sort-of" work... In a sense, miniature helicopters, ultralight aircraft and the like already fill this role, but either are too expensive, not safe enough, or not able to land wherever cars can go. I think the next big thing will be powered parachutes (also known as powerchutes, paraplanes, etc.) because they give the average person a chance to fly and land in small areas. But they are slower than cars on a highway trip. (Google for more)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CorsicaFire
    There's enough idiots on the road; I do NOT want them in the sky too!
    haha rofl....yeah i feel ya on that one.

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