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Thread: how much is too much table time?

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    Default how much is too much table time?

    do you girls think that being required to do a 15 min table set every hour is too much, average or not enough? i am still fairly new to dancing and im finding it a challenge to get my hustle going when i have to be mindful of the time and do my table sets so often. if feels like i just get off one and then i have to get right back on. it takes me a while to sell the dances - i mean occasionally i get the easier customers who are sold straight away but it is a high hustle club so im finding it very very hard with these table commitments.

    i love the club im working at but i noticed in clubs and reviews that GCG was saying that in BAr20 they allow u to get a good hustle going - is this what yu meant GCG? as in less table commitments?

    im considering visiting some other clubs to see what their dancers are required to do.

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    Default Re: how much is too much table time?

    Well as far as I am aware, this is fairly commen in Melbourne!

    Gold Fingers is one table for 15 minutes every hour and 15 minutes to 2 hours (Depending on the day/night/time/girls_

    MG - Is the same as CF

    SMR - Stage where you have to get topless / naked and that is up to every 2 hours for 3 songs or 2 songs plus 2 songs on podium!

    Hope that helps
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