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Thread: Safety Tips For Newbies

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    Make a separate email and social media accounts to make sure your online identity stays safe!

    The first webcam site ever to have Apps!

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    NEVER let a customer be physically rough with you in the VIP dances. If he hurts you in any way, scream at the top of your lungs and end the dance immediately. Let the manager know what he did so hopefully he will get kicked out of the club. Make sure the club staff protects you in cases like this...if managers let customers get away with treating the girls badly, you need to switch clubs ASAP!

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    Thank you, I made the mistake of telling people the city I live in but luckily no one knows my real first name. I'm ready to come up with an entire fake life and persona.

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    Use Uber or Taxify. You can report the driver of any wrong doing. Plus the tracking service is good for safety.

    Don't get too friendly with staff. Try to be invisible. And always complain about being broke or being poor so people won't feel threatened by your making money.

    Don't ask anybody for favours. Favours always have to be returned--and usually at a loss to you.

    Please tell your family. Please. If you don't turn up home, You want your loved ones to know where to look.

    Be honest about your job and get income protection and retirement. You might fall off a stage or a ceiling-high rotating pole. Get a financial plan to look after you when you can no longer look after yourself financially. Most exotic dancers are not going to become college graduates. For most of is, this is the night of our earning potential. Face the fucking reality.

    If you want a boob job, please don't be cheap. You might regret it. And if you do, go big or go home.

    The most effective fighting tactic is the silent treatment. It works every time.

    Not all customers are bad. Come on. Don't be that paranoid. I've made some great friends who were customers. One girl was given 20% of everything owned by the customer by the customer. Be open minded. You never know who is going to change your life and take you out of this hopeless job.

    Try to start a non sex work business, like a clothing line or something. Even though you just think about the money you need or want, remember that you are better than this job. And this industry will not reward or award you for your contributions. So save up and have an exit plan.

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