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Thread: ladies in virginia

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    ladies in virginia

    for those of you who dont know, virginia is either bikini bars where you are required to have a certain amount of fabric covering your butt (stupid lol) or you must work in a private club..

    anyone who has worked in VA, currently working in VA, or knows someone who is/has please help me

    i have been dancing here for two years almost and im finding the bikini bars are getting a lil bit difficult to make good money now. we have some new girls who think its ok to show their bits to customers, which in turn makes it hard for girls who can dance and dance hard!! if thats thier deal, then fine. but until i move to a private club or another state (lol) i have no intention of going to jail for exposing myself and paying fines like crazy.

    my question is, to anyone who knows anything about VA, how do yall deal with this issue? are there other clubs i should try? (there are plenty i know, but i dont have the energy to go to them all haha) you dont have to tell me where you work if youre not comfortable and feel free to PM me if that makes you more comfortable i feel like the only one who still abides by the law haha

    thanks so much

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    Not all clubs in Virginia are Bikini or private clubs. Clubs in Richmond are pastie and thongs, almost all but one have lapdance rooms (you do have to wear booty shorts and tops during LD's). I beleive that JB's in Chesapeake is a pastie bar also.

    Where in Virginia are you?I'm geussing the Tidewater area since that's where most of the bikin bars are. If that's the case it's not a bad drive to Richmond. I know alot of girls that live there or in northern Virginia that make the drive to Richmond.

    As for the girls showing their bits, no matter what cub you work in your gonna have girls that push the limits and go beyond what they're allowed to do. If it's really bad, then swich clubs. You could alwaystalk to management and see if they'll do anything about it.

    If you want more detailed info on any of the clubs feel free to PM me.

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