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    So I can't decide what to do with my puppy. Lola's 1.5 years now and I had moved back in with my mom when I first got her. I moved 2 months ago to an apartment and brought her with me. The problem being that I went from a house with a yard to an apartment. And not only that, but last June my mom got a mini-dachsund so they're been together almost a year now. Plus, we had a rottweiller that she was used to too. It's been two months and she's still kinda moping around. She is also peeing in the apartment once every couple of weeks or so and she never did this at the house. I've talked to a few people and they have said this breed does that because they have a hard time adjusting to changes. So now I'm wondering if I should try to keep her with me since she's my dog, or just let her go back to my mom's so she can be with Lucy and Phoebe (the other dogs). She'd have a yard too to run in more. I still take her to visit some since we only live about 20 minutes away. Any suggestions? I just can't decide.

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    Duplicate post.
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