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    Ok so i thought i would share...
    Because thats what we do here..
    I started making and selling videos through
    There are tons of different topics you can shoot.

    I make spanking movies, because hey thats what im into anyway so it comes really naturally.
    I did see stripping on there and i thought making masterbation ones would be easy too. I just use a DV camera and a tripod to make mine. I do all the editing myself on windows movie maker which came with my computer. The money is not outstanding but its a couple hundred bucks a month that just shows up in the mail. And i think its kinda fun to make them. And the boy and i have amazing sex after.
    Anyway just thought i would share.

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    If I had the time and inclination I would update and thus make more money with my Images4Sale store ---

    I was thinking of doing the same thing when I am finally moved and settled in my new home as I will have a whole room (as it's a 3 bedroom townhouse and there are only two of us living within it) to use as a 'home office' if I so desire.

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