Pole Olympics will be held at Then Men's Club of Raleigh (Formerly Thee Dollhouse) on August 24th.
I am not sure if you already have to work there to participate..so call to make sure.
Amateur nights are only held THE FIRST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH instead of every Monday.
There is a new pole at the center of main stage now. Before there were two located at the back of the stage.
They are getting stricter on the dress code. No spandex. No short dresses (without thigh highs). At this point, if you get busted, you have to go home, no matter what. They prefer beaded or sequined gowns, but I only wear them for special occasions. My gowns are more Deb store than Cache.
There have been a few new dancers that have started and some of them just don't get the fact that you CAN'T TOUCH THE CUSTOMER during a table dance.
Other clubs are getting citations left and right. The Men's Club is still on a temporary liquor license (with the ownership change) and that is a big deal.
I hope everyone is having a great summer!! Feel frfee to PM me if you have questions!