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Thread: Long time, first time

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    Smiley Long time, first time

    Hey there ladies. I'm a long time lurker and fan and thought it was about time to out myself.

    I'm a 20 year old college student living in Los Angeles and am definitely entertaining the idea of dancing. I'm pretty goofy and reserved in "real life" but I love dancing, my body, and seedy dive bars. Hopefully one day I'll get the chance to see if I have what it takes to be a good dancer.

    The things that are keeping me from dancing thus far are...

    age: I'm only 20 (21 in a few months) and would much rather start out dancing in a bikini bar or topless (where I think you have to be 21). I think that if my parents ever were to find out, those would be a lot easier to swallow than the idea of their daughter showing ALL the goods.

    friend family reactions: I once jokingly told my mom I was going to do an amatuer night to try and make rent. She told me it was a good idea and that I had the body for it. So not the reaction I was expecting. I've run the idea past my boyfriend and roomate and they are actually pretty supportive. I have the feeling that everyone thinks I' joking though, and I wonder how they'd react if I really went through with it.

    afraid it will come back to kick me in the ass

    location: I've heard nothing but negative things about dancing in Los Angeles . I'm stuck in the area though, so hopefully I can find something that suits me. I'm not looking to make mega bucks or looking to be discovered or anything. My father, who I'm pretty sure is a frequenter of strip clubs, also works in the area. I think I would die if he walked into a strip club while I was working. I could try working far away, but I imagine he'd be trying to be discreet as I was and would choose a club far away too.

    White girl can't dance.

    And I can't do the splits

    While I'm biding my time I'm taking some pole dancing classes downtown so that when I do make the jump I'll be able to bust some moves.

    Sorry for the novel guys!

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    Default Re: Long time, first time

    Well, white girls CAN dance, and splits don't matter!
    But welcome, you'll be dancing in no time!

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