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Post RE: Seventh Heaven Strip Club Review Review
Date at Club: No Comment Dancer's Looks: 7-8 Song Length: 1-3 min.
Overall Rating: Rated: 7 stars by ouroboros Dancer's Personallity: 7-8 Club Quality: Great
Mileage: Hard Contact
Additional Information
This could be a really great club, but at the moment itís not quit there. Still in the Glasgow area itís the best of the clubs available. Weekdays before ten you get in for free, after that itís a £10 entry & youíve got to buy at least one drink before you can get a dance. As you enter the club the VIP area is on your right, curtained off. You go downstairs to the main club area. A 3 min dance is £10, 6min for £20, VIPs start at £50 for 15 mins The club is in need of some basic repairs, broken and ripped seats in some areas, just through not enough upkeep. You have a main stage area with pole for floor shows, which up until recently were few and far between. Now youíre getting dancers on the pole quite regularly. There is a huge variety of abilities on the pole, most are very proficient. Stag night, and other celebrations are very welcome here, just if itís for you be careful if your put forward for a show, the girls can get into it a bit too much and you'll come out with a few very sore patches, and can be painful to watch at times. There are always loads of girls in the club, someone to suit any taste. Although not enough home grown talent. The Scottish girls available are all great, no problems with them, but are few and far between. There seems to have been an influx of foreign girls lately (mostly Romanians & Czechs). Some are fine, but the majority seems to stick together & almost gang up on guys to get a dance, you have to quite firmly tell them that you're not after a dance if you donít want one with them. If you do go with them remember that a 3 min dance is £10, quite often they donít offer that and ask straight out for £20. The foreign girls offer VIPs very often, with promises of letting you do whatever you like. I've overheard this on several occasions but never followed this up. Now this might sound good to a guy, but it will more likely turn out to be a letdown if thatís what you were after, because as I said before the vip area is upstairs with only a curtain between you and the door bouncers. Best club in Glasgow with a few problems but some great girls. If you heed my advice you could have a great time there.
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