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Default RE: Truffle Club Review
Date at Club: No Comment Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: Could Improve
Overall Rating: Rated: 4 stars by Sherrill Mileage Expected: Air Dances Booking Delay: No Comment
Dancer Quality: 7-8 Customers: Mixed
Fees: High Dances per Customer: 0-1 Selling dances: Average
Hiring Tips: None
Additional Information
I worked at the Truffle Club for two years, Oct 2000-Aug 2002, my information is a little outdated, but I thought I'd submit it anyway - could be helpful? When I worked there cover charge was 10pounds ($15). There is no VIP room. It was topless rather than nude, but maybe thet's changed? The girls give touchless table dances for 10pounds a song. Management watches on video surveillance and is very strict about no touching) They call them lap dances, so when Americans come in expecting contact, they're usually disappointed. Usually there were too many girls working on any given night for the number of customers; 10-12 dancers during the week, 20-25 on weekends. The club is (was) only open from 8 - 2am. The girls rotated for stage shows which were two songs long, you might dance onstage 4 or 5 times in a night. Some positives: The dressing room is great with a lounge area with couches and a tv, lots of counter space and good lighting, clean showers, a tanning bed that nobody seemed to use - they all wore fake tan. You can rent a locker, there's also a kitchen with laundry facilities. The club itself is beautiful, you can see it on their website There's a main section with a huge, wooden bar and a wood-floored stage with lights and three poles, and a smaller section with another bar and a really small stage w/one pole. Negatives?: When you arrived you paid a 12pound ($18ish) house fee that went directly into the housemother's pocket - whether she bothered to show up to work or not. The club took 10% of any funny money, and at the end of the shift the manager decided what to take as 'commission' based on how many customers had come through the door. So if you had huge bachelor parties of young, cheap guys (and Scots seem to be pretty cheap) coming in, you'd pay through the nose. There were Many nights when girls would leave 'owing' the club money. It took hustling to make decent money there, and the men's taste in women seemed to veer in the Pamela Anderson direction. Many of the girls were getting boob jobs because of it. So if you look like Pam Anderson and you want to go to Scotland, you could really bank at the TC. Otherwise, go make your money somewhere sunnier! ;)
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