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Date at Club: No Comment Dancer's Looks: 7-8 Song Length: 3-5 min.
Overall Rating: Rated: 7 stars by Stan Dancer's Personallity: 7-8 Club Quality: Average
Mileage: Air Dances
Additional Information
I've been to Hustler club 2 times recently. At first sight I was quite disappointed by the average quality of dancers (4-8s), with some ugly ones, many average girls and some few beautiful dancers. I wanted to return to got dances from the good looking girls ;) Second impression was better. As for the prices it is 24 euros for a table dance, 72 euros for a private dance, 240 euros for half an hour (400 euros with a bottle of Champagne). Entrance is 25 euros with one drink. No touching rules, but the dances are quite hot (depending of the dancers) :D I would not describe this club as fantastic because there are not enough good looking girls, but worth a try.
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