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Date at Club: No Comment Customers per Dancer: No Comment Management: No Comment
Overall Rating: Not rated by gottabebailey Mileage Expected: No Comment Booking Delay: No Comment
Dancer Quality: No Comment Customers: No Comment
Fees: No Comment Dances per Customer: No Comment Selling dances: No Comment
Hiring Tips: None
Additional Information
I danced here just last year in October to December and I wanted to quit because the money was shit, there was no dancing and they have you stand outside on the strip getting customers like escorts... on the blade LOL. The prices are way too much for non touching, they are so aggressive with the customers I have so many times been told they were leaving because of the other girls and attitude... and did I mention we have to stand outside in the cold? Cops come by the club all the time and scare the girls while the OWNERS MIA AND HER FAT HUSBAND watch from upstairs and chat shit the whole time. OH AND THE BEST PART? when I tried to leave for another club the owners not only threatened me but had two girls from the club jump me and I was hospitalized and it is now April 2022 and im still not healed, I have two chipped teeth and scars on my face but lucky for me im still cuter than Mia could ever be, or her girls. ANYWAYS, I also have proof from the owner Mia that she coordinated this because I have voice notes saved from her offering to pay me 200 to fix my teeth? wtf is 200 gonna do? WHATS NOT CLICKING STEPHEN. oh and I was the only black girl working.... not only have they banned me from fb groups for spreading my story they have tried to hire agencies to find them girls because they can never keep any. they lie about everything and withhold your pay. They don't even provide taxis to and from the club like they put in the contract so I was paying 20 euro a day to work at a shit ass club and come home with next to nothing. The girls there all hate their job and all they do is talk shit outside and hope for customers.. and the club is beside a brothel so yeah.... good luck y'all. STAY AWAY!!!!!!
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